Relocating: Why We Chose Kansas City, Missouri

Missouri is home to my husband and I, both our children and their families. Our Missouri roots run deep as we have spent years, traveling, adventuring and enjoying breathtaking sunrises after sunsets. Visiting family, discovering and revisiting favorite venues and activities; our life is made full here.

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Missouri has SO MUCH to offer! Having personally attended school in Springfield, and now living and working in KCMO (along with a large number of family), I can attest to the great opportunities that avail themselves here.

I have fallen in love with Kansas City, MO. It’s urban neighborhoods and rolling, green hills, farmlands, downtown lights, music and entertainment, and the lush, warm colors in every season.

Downtown is forever offering a plethora of entertainment and restaurant experiences; they will make you wish every night was date-night.

Whether your dream is to live in a rural area, surrounded by the steady calm of flourishing agriculture; to be submerged in the energy of the City of Fountains; or to live only minutes from both, KCMO is the ultimate location for all.

If you and/or someone you know is looking to embark on an adventure in relocating, across town or across multiple state lines, I have been there. I would LOVE to be your tour guide, your expert adviser, your friend, and Agent through it all.

Missouri is calling! “Show Me” your dreams, and I will show you opportunity!


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Happy Fourth!!

Happy Fourth of July!

Not sure where to watch fireworks? I’ve got you covered! Check out the best places to take in the bright lights in Kansas City:

As always, if you or a friend are ready for a new home, remember I am only a phone call away and grateful to receive your referrals.


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Wherever the road may take you, today, tomorrow or in the years ahead; may your life’s journey be filled with lushes river valleys, breathtaking mountain peaks, the calming thunder of ocean waves, and the limitless span of a Midwest horizon.

For we can not fully appreciate one without the other.

May the grace of new beginnings embody every sunrise. And with the last breath of every sunset, may you rest assured of your purpose and passion.


Debbie Chase

Open House: POSTPONED!

The Open House scheduled This Sunday, June 25th: 1:00-3:00pm has been POSTPONED!!

Keep an eye out for the RESCHEDULING of the inside look at: 15809 Francis Road Kearney, MO 64060!

You can vacation at home with this picturesque setting 11 plus acres and a completely remodeled home featuring 6 bedrooms. Second living quarters on lower level complete with full kitchen and separate entrance. Everything has been updated! Custom ceiling fans. Tile and hardwood floors through out main level. Fully fenced property with water access for horses. Enjoy the wild life and nature with this serene property overlooking a pond. Close to the city! Just east of Smithville Lake.

For more information on this Dream Home and more visit:

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DIY In Style 

Have you hopped on the DIY trend?

No longer only for the crafty at heart, today‘s DIY (or Do It Yourself) projects don’t require too many tools or skills to complete. Revitalize your home without breaking the bank with some of my favorite tips below!

  • Move beyond the welcome mat with these tips to refresh your entryway.
  • Take your Instagrams beyond your phone screen with this guide.
  • If you’re a wine lover, repurpose your corks instead of just tossing them.
  • Impress your neighbors and rejuvenate your porch with these tricks.
  • Spruce up your blank walls with this guide.

Not ready to tackle home improvement projects on your own? Drop me a line – I can connect you with the best local home services!


ReeceNichols – Kansas City North


Licensed in MO and WA

5 DIY Home Upgrades

Selling a home is all about presenting and highlighting its best qualities. Minor and major upgrades can and will largely influences buyers’ interest. The following is a short list of manageable “do-it-yourself” upgrade ideas.

1.) Kitchen and Bath:

For many people just the thought of updating these areas of a home causes major anxiety. There are a few stress free tips and tricks you can do to bring a little light and life back into the room. My first suggestion is to install new faucets. Faucets that are stained and outdated can make a sink and the surrounding counter top look dingy, but new faucets bring a new fresh look.

Cabinetry updates can also do wonders. Fresh paint, sanding and stain, new nobs or handles, and molding are all manageable projects that yield great results!

2.) Paint:

A proper paint job can brighten a room, or the outside of a home, to perfection. Do your research or hire a professional, this is one job you don’t want to botch.

3.) Roof:

Buyers want a home that has been well maintained inside and out, this includes the roof. Something as simple as sweeping off any moss and cleaning the gutters can make a huge difference. Depending on the age and materials used for your roof, you may need to replace it. You can call a local, recommended professional on this matter if needed.

4.) Flooring:

Replacing old, shabby carpet with hard wood, tile, or high quality vinyl flooring, not only spruces up the place, but is also more sanitary, and has been known to increase home value.

5.) Yard:

As mentioned in my previous post “Curb Appeal Wins“, a well manicured lawn, free of clutter can be key to an expedient sale.

Note: Keep in mind your buyer with any and all changes you make. Bold colors and designs are not favored by all; it is best to pick classic, clean, or neutral colors (whites, tans, grays, ect.). Before starting any major projects (for example: plumbing or roofing) make sure you consult a professional.

For a list of recommended home improvement professionals local to the KCMO and the surrounding area give me a call!! I would love to be your agent and team mate!

Debbie Chase



Staying Rooted

It’s a bit of a gray day in KCMO, but no matter the state of the weather, the stress of the work day or challenges in life, Staying Rooted is Key.  

Root yourself in confidence. Trusting that God’s plan, for the hope in your future, is IMMEASURABLY greater than you can ask or even imagine!

Part of staying rooted is taking care of yourself FIRST!!

*Take a walk or run
*Read your Bible or personal devotional/inspirational
*Listen to your favorite music
*Eat a healthy snack (and don’t forget water!)
*Find a creative outlet: writing, music, painting, or project with purpose like a vision board!
*Take up yoga or pilates
*Even something as simple as closing your eyes, taking a few deep breaths, and stretching can be reinvigorating.

*Always practice POSITIVE self-talk. Negativity will get you no where.
*Pray often

Make time for self-care. Work and Life will be better if you are at your best. Much like the Missouri weather, life can go from stormy skies to clear blue and sunshine with the slightest change in the wind. Hang in there!

Stay rooted.



Meeting all Your Real Estate Needs,

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Jeremiah 17:7-8

Jeremiah 29:11

Ephesians 3:20-12

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