Monday Motivation

When considering good works, or acts of service, there are 2 kinds of people; the guest and the host.

As Followers of Christ we are called to be hosts, gracious ones. The example was led by Jesus and followed by his apostles; later called deacons in 1 Timothy, chapter 3.

Following our calling as hosts also means fighting division in the church, by being a committed, reliable, partners in service.

Starting today I hope we can reflect and remember this:

No matter what our task, we should, “seek to be full of the Spirit and wisdom,”(Acts 6:3) As we go about our work. Then others will hear and see the love of Christ and practical ways.”

*Notes from: NIV Spiritual Renewal Study, Bible Plan


What Gets you MOVING?

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

I don’t mean the relentless clang of your alarm clock and it’s innate ability to wake the dead, or the thundering of children running down the hall calling for breakfast and/or crisis intervention.
What motivates you? What dreams do you yearn to pull out of sleeping and bring to life?
For many of us these dreams consist of a dream job/business, home, or neighborhood.
If one of your dreams falls into one of these categories I would LOVE to help that dream come true!!
From commercial listings and opportunities, to the perfect fit home, I am here to make your dreams come true!!
Always feel free to call, text or email me with any and all of your Real Estate needs!
Taking you from searching to SOLD!
YOUR Agent,
Debbie Chase

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A Promise for Monday

God knows what you need and wants to give it to you!

What are you believing for this week? Or are you having trouble believing at all?
I would love to be praying for you!

May you trust in Him alone, for he is the one that will never fail you!

And let the Peace of Christ rule your hearts, since as members of one body you were CALLED to peace. And be thankful. Colossians 3:15

May you be filled with joy and hope this week!! Casting aside all worry, stress and fear!

And may the Lord bless you on your journey today!

YOUR Agent with ReeceNichols,

Debbie Chase

Today is a New Day!

Trusting the will and work of God in your life doesn’t always come easy.

Our minds often swim with unanswered questions. Don’t be afraid to ASK!!

Asking Him where He is, what His plan is… He’s faithful to respond!

Invite Him to work in our life and watch Him move!

Following Prayer From:

“Catalyst: Devotional for Leaders Who Love The Church”

Holy Spirit, you began working within me as I first put my faith in Christ, but I confess that there have been places where I have resisted your work. There are corners of my heart where I have been prideful and selfish. I surrender these to You. I trust You, that your will for my life is greater than my own. Restore me, heal me, create anew what has died. I desperately wish to see the fruit of the Spirit in my life and leadership. Do what needs to be done in order that You may produce healthy abundance in me. Amen.

Midweek Encouragement

Ever feel like your daily miles traveled don’t even make a dent in the miles to come?

Does a whirlwind of ambitions, plans, progress, and change, overwhelm you?

I hope you find rest and peace in this truth:

Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the Lord will personally go ahead of you. He will be with you; he will neither fail you nor abandon you.”
Deuteronomy 31:8

God knows your past, he has written your future, “today is a gift, that’s why is call the present.”

In the mystery, in the mondaine, in the adventure, even in the pain, GOD IS THERE.


Debbie Chase

ReeceNichols – Kansas City North


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With the start of a new week can come a lot of distractions. It can be difficult to keep an “acute focus on your goals”.
Don’t let the distraction and negativity deter you!!
In Matthew 14:25-33, Jesus walked on water and called Peter out to follow him. Despite the distraction of the storm and the fear he felt, Peter stepped out onto the water!
May you start your week with confidence, knowing you were made for THIS very moment, THIS very day. You can walk through this!
Debbie Chase
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Today is a Good Day for a Good Day!!

Don’t let Monday stress you out or get you down!! Today is a good day for a good day!! It is FULL of possibilities and opportunity!! I would love to meet with you and share all that could be made possible for you!

Whether you are in the market to buy a home or are looking to sell, I am YOUR Real Estate Agent!! Call, text, or email me today!!

Debbie Chase

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