Are you bored with a room’s current style but don’t want to commit to a full renovation? By incorporating just one new element into a room, you can refresh its atmosphere easily without jeopardizing its overall style.

  1. Bring in a new couch or chairs to completely change your living room’s aesthetic.
  2. Rolling out a new rug is an easy way to add bold patterns and bright colors into a space without overwhelming it.
  3. A new table can work wonders in upping the décor in your dining room.
  4. Re-organize your TV, cable box and other electronics by purchasing a new media console.
  5. De-clutter your home and update its look simultaneously by investing in a new shelving unit or dresser.

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When prepping to sell a home, one of the common concerns is, “curb appeal”. Curb Appeal is the concept that a house can be appealing; inspire buyers to ooh-and-aah, during mere drive by. Because we want your home to be appealing to buyers, both inside and out, I have constructed a list of ten, do-it-yourself, “Curb Appeal Wins”.

1.) Take care of “eyesores”: not the literal kind (though if you have those you should take care of them too!). Eyesores are anything on your house, or in your yard, that would be unappealing to an, otherwise interested, buyer. Common culprits are: electrical boxes, pipes, wires, air conditioners, hoses, trash bins, random clutter from yard projects and/or kids’ toys.
2.) Manicure lawn and flower beds: This will require mowing and weeding. Not everyone’s favorite activity I know, but the results do wonders! In the spring, summer, and early fall, purchasing and planting a few bright annual flowers can make your yard pop, without breaking the bank! Just make sure you remember to water!
3.) Pretty up your windows: Whether that means adding flower boxes, shutters, freshening up the trim, or all the above. Any of these choices are guaranteed to draw the buyer’s eye.
4.) Dazzle your door: You can do this by adding trim, sanding, painting, staining, or replacing if needed. Even something as small as installing a new door-nob and lock can make a dull door shine.
If you have a screen door with your front door it is best if it’s a nice one. If the screen is torn or rusty it’s better to remove it and have no screen than leave it and have the entrance to your house be a dingy one.
5.) Fix up your mail box: Much like your door, your mail box is on the greeting front-lines. Whether a buyer is driving by or pulling in for a showing, they will pass and see your mailbox. You may enjoy your giant bass themed letter catcher, but the your prospective buyer may not. Make that first impression a good one.
6.) Visible, clean, house numbers: Many people look up house listings online and may choose to drive by on their own, viewing the neighborhood, and catching a glimpse of your house from their car. If you do not have a clearly visible house number buyers may miss your house altogether. Make sure your numbers are big, clean, and installed in a spot visible from the road.
7.) Trim your trees and shrubs: Buyers are looking to buy a house not a jungle, don’t let the greenery upstage your beautiful home.
8.) Fix the fence: If you have a fence of any kind make sure it’s in good repair. Once again this will be one of the first things a buyers sees, along with anything else in your front yard. If you don’t have a fence, they can be an aesthetically pleasing asset. There are a number of easily installed picket fences that, if well kept, can spruce up a yard of any size and shape.
9.) Sweep off your roof: Depending on where you live moss and debris can be a relentless problem. Just for roof maintenance alone, you need to keep the green growth and foreign objects away (this applies to pine needles, heavy snow loads and/or ice and anything clogging or growing in your gutters!). Be very careful when doing this, or better yet, hire a professional! Clean roofs are preferred, but SAFETY FIRST!!
10.) Clean concrete and walkways: Pressure wash, sweep, patch, lay fresh bark or gravel, whatever it takes to freshen it up.
First impressions can make or break the sale of a home. May yours the one that leaves buyers oohing-and-aahing!
Please give me a call if you have any questions at all!
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Avalanche of Grace

God’s grace meets our faithlessness EVERYTIME! Without fail, love like an avalanche covers us, meeting us in the midst of our trouble.

God sees our needs, and hears our cries, remembers His promises; to bring us to victory, restoring us to Himself.

He created us for relationship with Him. Generation after generation He has loved us, called to us, and waited for us to come walk with Him.

What needs do you need met? What have you cried out, hoping someone would hear?

The God who sees you and knows you has been waiting to show you the Way.

“Choosing to trust in God’s unfailing love will carry you through the other side to victory.” – Brian Houston


The last 3 homes I assisted in the sale of went pending in lest than 2 weeks! Two homes went pending the same day they listed!!

Do you have questions about the market value of your home? I would LOVE to give you answers!! The Market is Booming! Seller profits are rising!! Whether you need for more space or to downsize, this is the market to do it in! Now is the time!! Are you ready to make your move?

I can help you stay up-to-date on the latest market trends in your neck of the woods. Visit my website to sign up for MyNeighborhood Report and learn more detailed information about your area, like new homes on the market and recently sold property details.

Even if you’re not ready to sell, this report is a great way to keep a pulse on the market so you’re prepared when you are ready. Sign up now!

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Adrian Place PENDING

The Open House I scheduled for Sunday has been cancelled!

This beautiful home couldn’t wait!! It went PENDING to an EXTATIC buyer today!!!! 😄

Less than 2 weeks, this Dream Home was on the market!! I can’t say I am surprised!! It is quite the stunner!! 😍🏡💗👍

Keep an eye on my posts! 👀

🚨I will alert you of all new listings!🚨

Let me know if you are in the market to buy or sell and I will get you the inside scoop! 🍨

Debbie Chase

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NEW LISTING: 9655 Adrian Place NOW PENDING!!

Thirteen days on the market and we are now PENDING! Open House, previously scheduled for Sunday has be cancelled!!

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9655 Adrian Place KCMO

Beautiful and immaculate 3 bed, 3 bath, newer home in quiet Cul-de-Sac. Brick front, gorgeous wood flooring, granite counters, gas fireplace, surround sound, installed exterior cameras, & proximity to major shopping!

This home has it all! With a large master bedroom who’s bay window perfectly frame a private wooded view; spacious bathroom and large walk-in closet, this house is everything you need and more!

All your essentials are on the main floor, with a lower level that affords extra great room, bedroom and bathroom.

Get ready to move in, spread out, and make yourself at HOME!

for more pictures and information visit:

This dream home🏡 is a L👀KER,
You will want to have a L👀K this weekend!

Schedule your showing TODAY!

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